5 Weight Loss Tips for You

How many times do you need to diet, lose weight and put it back on (and often end up with more weight more than when you started – yikes!) before you are finally fed with the cycle of disappointment. When will you be ready to lose weight in a healthy manageable way?

With winter around the corner many people find themselves already feeling the need to hibernate. The shortened daylight hours, cold temperatures and snow seem to hypnotize many people into believing it’s time to basically shut down for the winter and wait for spring to arrive. It doesn’t have to be that way. What if this winter could be different? What if you could learn how to use hypnosis to lose weight and enjoy a healthy active lifestyle all year round? What if Christmas doesn’t automatically mean putting on 5 to 10lbs during the month of December?

At Guelph Hypnosis Works you will learn to use the power of hypnosis to achieve your weight loss success. Many folks try to lose weight using willpower and eventually the willpower runs out. Let’s face it; the word willpower implies it’s a fight or battle with yourself day after day, week after week, if you even make it that long. Many of our clients say that before using hypnosis for their weight loss it was a struggle to make healthy food choices or it was a struggle to develop healthy exercise routines that were sustainable. Does that sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can learn to develop healthy habits and enjoy yourself along the way. What if you learn how to live your life as if you are already comfortably thin? All that could happen is you would become comfortably thin!

Here are a few tips to help you begin making healthier eating choices:

1. Eat in specified place.
Eat at the dining table or kitchen table and not at your desk for example.

2. Only eat.
Avoid eating in front of the TV, computer or while doing another activity.

3. Keep serving dishes off the table.
This will help you avoid adding more to your plate when you are not even hungry anymore.

4. Leave table when done eating.
You will be less tempted to eat more food if you get up and get moving.

5. Eat slowly, deliberately tasting every bite.
Enjoy your food instead of inhaling it. The digestive process begins with chewing.

Although these tips may seem simple and rather straight forward, getting into the habit of making these choices can be challenging. This is where customized hypnosis weight loss programs become extremely helpful. Letting go of self-sabotage or being able to prevent others from sabotaging you is key to your success. Being in a useful state of mind allows you to take action and achieve your weight loss goals.

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